Brand: Aramith

This Aramith Billiard and snooker or pool ball Cleaner will clean your snooker balls and keep them in match condition.

Del Says: "Any type of Belgian Aramith snooker, pool, or billiard balls should be cleaned with this ball polish only as anything else will cause the balls to skid instead of roll as they should. do not put your snooker balls into water or dishwashers as yes I have seen it all before !!"


With Regular use of this Aramith snooker or pool ball cleaner it will keep your snooker balls polished and in great condition for many years.

Made and produced by Belgian Aramith phenolic resin snooker and pool, billiards balls you can be assured that this product is the very best for your snooker balls to keep them clean and in match condition, a must have for any snooker player or pool player who owns a set of Aramith snooker or pool balls should really only use this type polish as anything else will give your balls a faulse feel on the table.

250ml bottle size.

The Same Company who make this snooker and pool ball cleaner also make the snooker and pool Balls used for TV ranking events around the world today.

Aramith Belgian snooker ball cleaner.

Bottle size250ml bottle.
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