Brand: Aramith

Aramith Green Box Snooker Ball Sets (with 15 Reds) Full size 21/16th snooker balls

Del Says: "The 21/16" Aramith Green Box snooker balls are the Best sballs to get for your home snooker table or club if you want a good true game of snooker but are not looking for much other than good fun games "


These are known as the Green box Aramith  snooker 22 ball sets - 2 1/16". These quality snooker balls are made by SALUC in Belgium. They use their high-tech process that combines the unmatched characteristics of phenolic resin with the fine Belgium craftsmanship.Their reliable performance guarantees players the pleasure of razor-sharp precision.Perfectly round and balanced with uniformed weight and hardness with friction resistant roll and reaction are just a few key features of these worldwide renowned balls.   

The Green Box Aramith Snooker balls are a good choice for players who want to enjoy a good true Quality game of snooker but are not training to be professionals as they don't play quite the same or as well or feel the same as the more Professional snooker Aramith Tournament champion snooker balls that are more for the very good player to professional standard we also sell these balls called G1 snooker Tournamt Aramith Balls. These Balls are weighed before being boxed to make sure each ball is exactly the same as the other balls making it a real professional set of snooker balls they use in todays Ranking Tournaments held on TV.


  • Made from high quality phenolic resin by Aramith - the worlds No 1 cue ball manufacturers 

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