Brand: Aramith

Tournament Champion Snooker Balls are the choice of any player who wants the best snooker balls with the most true performance to be honest. Other than the 1G snooker Aramith Sets that are weighed before sale, These are the same balls and are great.

Del Says: "The Tournament Champion snooker balls are the best balls used by good players who know the difference for feeling of the shots, these will feel like they should and last a long time. If your looking for the Ball Cases and aramith Ball Cleaner and ball restorer I sell that on snookerstuff.com also the proper ball cleaning cloths."

Aramith Tournament Champion Snooker Balls, full size 22 ball snooker set in the 2-1/16" (52.4mm) diametre. 15 red balls are complimented by the six colours and a white cue ball.
Tournament Champion balls are matched within 3g per ball and undergo slightly less tolerances than the 1G ball set. They are still a fantastic ball set and will last a very long time as well as help reduce cloth wear by producing less friction.
Tournament Champion Snooker Set
High quality phenolic snooker balls ideal with a weight tolerance of 3 grams. Made in Belgium. Peradon are officially appointed distributors of Tournament Champion balls.
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