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If you are a snooker player who wants the best snooker balls out there being used on all major tournaments then these are the snooker balls to get as if you are looking to play in tournaments then you will need to get the same balls as being used.

Del Says: "The Difference between these 1G aramith snooker balls and the other aramith tournament champion snooker balls is that these balls are weighed out separately before being packaged to make sure that each ball is the same as the other balls. These Balls do get faked and sold on web sites as can send you cheap balls in a nice case the same so be aware."

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1G Tournament Champion balls as used in all world ranking event TV Tournaments.

These are the same type of snooker balls you see used on all major events on TV today.

For over 40 years Aramith have supplied sets of Tournament Champion balls to the World Snooker Professional Players Association. Whilst they may appear to be standard Tournament Champion snooker sets they are in fact drastically different having only a one gram maximum weight difference between balls in a set rather than the 3 gram tolerance within a standard set of Tournament Champion balls. This reduction in tolerance allows the W.S.A. professional players to reach the highest scores during W.S.A. Tournaments. Made in Belgium.

The balls are supplied in an elegant storage case (branded with both the W.S.A (world snooker assosiation) and I.B.S.F. logos) to enable players wanting to emulate tournament conditions to carry their own set of balls.

I am afraid to say These type snooker balls are being sold (Fake) across web sites and so please watch for immitation balls being sold on other sites world wide.

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Weightevery snooker ball weighted the same
CaseAluminium light weight case with the snooker balls
As seen on TV eventsUsed worldwide in all major snooker tournaments