Brand: Powerglide

Used to mark out your snooker/pool tables from 6' to full sized 12' helps you to draw the perfect bulk area semi circle and table spots.

Del Says: "Use one of these to mark out the perfect D in the baulk area."

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Use a simple pin to hold the stick in place while you swing the pencil around through the hole. Make sure the pin stays still in the middle of the brown spot or middle of the D balk line.

Small size suitable for up to an 8' table and the large marker will help for up to full sized snooker tables.

Hold a marker at the base like a pin or needle and just its a good way to get the table re-marked out.

A cheap and easy way to mark your snooker table again.

Table SizesMark out all sizes of table, from 6' to 12'
SmallSuitable for up to 8' table
LargeSuitable for up to 12' table