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A small hand held snooker and pool table cushion bush for brushing out all the bits and crap that gathers under the cushion rails.

Del Says: "A handy small lightweight stuff brush for cleaning under the snooker or pool table cushions and around the pockets of the table. A nice cheap little brush that lasts years and always good to keep around."


A handy good little light weight cushion brush for use under the table rails to clear out all the bits that gather up from brushing the table bed and blocking the table also gathers up all the little bits that stock up and hold out under the top and bottem cushion after a while.

The Brush is real wood and 22cm long, 7.5cm deep and only thin 2cm wide with the brush area being 11cm long and 5cm deep, so perfect and lightweight for brushing out under the cushion rails on both snooker tables and pub type English 8 ball pool tables or american 9 ball tables.

It is a good idea to make sure you repeat the bushing after or before you play as to make sure that the table don't gather dust and bits.

You should make it a thing to do and a routeen to make sure the table is left in a good clean brushed, blocked and ironed condition and never to hot or cold conditions.

This will ensure the best possible playing conditions for your table or club table useage.

woodreal wood
brush typeSemi stiff Nylon
brush area11cm, by 4cm deep
WeightLight weight