Brand: Peradon

Peradon snooker cue Towel

Del Says: "Peradon branded snooker cue towel made from soft micro-fibre cloth perfect for the hot days and nights or the sweaty nervous games and snooker matches. A must for any player to have a good cloth."


The Peradon Micro Fibre snooker cue towel will keep your cue and hands free from being all sticky with it's soft fibre feel and has the peradon brand logo on. Snooker players tend to either roll these up and fit them inside the snooker cue case or tie them around the handle for easy carry. A must have snooker cue towel to keep our cue smooth in those hot games.

Peradon cue towel made from 100% cotton, and with the stylish peradon logo facing at 45 degrees on each end. Please wash 3 times before adding it to other items in the wash to avoid colours running into other garments..


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