Brand: Peradon

Snooker referee ball markers are made by peradon snooker company and used on world snooker
professional televised events down to home or club use. A handy tool for any snooker players.

Del Says: "snooker referee ball markers are always a good idea in any type of proper snooker game or matches as care is given when cleaning and replacing the white snooker ball if any dirt or chalk or even hair is seen by the snooker players or a player has a bad contact or whats known as "A KICK" which is caused by dirty balls or dust or even static elecrticity."


The Peradon blue snooker ball markers are still seen today on Tv by snooker referees in professional tournaments. Designed for use with full size 2 1/16" snooker balls. Enables cleaning and accurate repositioning of the snooker cue ball.

Snooker referees also use white gloves also sold on snookerstuff.com.


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