Brand: Peradon

A full table re-cloth set of the Large head (15mm) blue steel tacks for fitting billiard cloths and the smaller (10mm) tacks for tacking the snooker table Cushion cloth.

Del Says: "Snooker tacks are a perfect size and shape for the job of re-clothing your snooker table and as sharp as possible to bang in with ease for the long hard job of the cloth re-cover. A must buy for the Snooker re-cloth job and here you get both Table cloth and rail cloth tacks in this pack of two."

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Two boxes of snooker table tacks here as one size is perfect for the underside of the table to tack the snooker table bedcloth around the table around every 2-3 inches and the smaller tacks are perfect for the job of taking the cushion cloth to the snooker cushion rails.


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