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These deep hair brushes are great for Club or Home use snooker or pool table cloth and card tables or casino baize cloth tables for the roulette.

Del Says: "I really like these brushes because they are a quality item and will last ages for the table. I like the large coverage they give out and the way they get out so much from the cloth without as much effort it seems. I like to have a few different type brushes but this is my favorite to use."


Snooker or pool table brush, really thick hair deep working coarse brush to straighten out the cloth nap.

A true quality made item.

These Snooker table brushes are perfect for the job to remove chalk dust and finger marks from the cloth and should always be used before blocking the table and any table iron use as the bush is used first to remove finger and hand marks and chalk scuffs so that you get the hairs straight and flat before you use your very much needed snooker table block, and then once the hairs have been brushed flat and smoothed out you can then press or iron the cloth down.

Without a good brush its hard work to be honest and worth getting a good one.

I like to use one of these thick hair brushes as well as a more stiff brush to get out the more stubben table marks out.

It's nice to get a few different type brushes but this one is a good one as makes the job that bit easyier being so thick and large it covers more area as you brush away.

You can feel the quality in the real wood handle used aswell as the hairs for the brush and so worth that bit more money to get a quality item.

Please bare in mind that some of the money from this sale goes into delivery to you free in the UK so that it makes it easy to click to buy without worrying about adding some delivery fees after. UK FREE FAST DELIVERY 

These brushes are great for snooker tables, pool tables, bar billiards tables, as well as for casino gaming table cloth like poker card tables and blackjack tables and great for the roulette table areas.

large table brush31 cm long, 8.5cm wide and 6cm deep.
woodreal wood

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