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Snooker Coaching tips from this easy to follow Snooker DVD filmed in perfect sound and vision.
Del Smith Professional player and Coach guides you through all the main areas of the basics to try out in practice and to use as a guide.

Del Says: "Hi guys Thank you for looking at my snooker guide DVD for all the basic skills are explained in this easy to follow DVD. Well worth the money and makes a great gift for any budding snooker or pool player wanting to improve."


A step by step guide to follow all the main points of basic snooker skills.

If you are new to snooker or pool and looking for a guide then this easy to follow snooker DVD will point you in the right direction to start off with.

Del Smith Professional player and snooker coach puts things in a simple way to show you the basic skills needed to get any consistency with your game.

It is very important to get in to good habits to begin with from the outset and this DVD will help you gain all the basics needed to improve for sure.

Snooker solo practice is encouraged so that you have time alone to work and practice these points given.

Being able to gain knowledge fast and to get some main points worked on will improve your snooker much faster than if you do it without any help or guide.

Del Smith has been a professional player for many years and has played in all major ranking events and played all the big names in the world of snooker.

Del has 25 x 147 Max breaks to his name and has been head coach for Many TV snooker tournaments such as the World Championships and Masters events.

With many thousands of Coaching sessions from kids snooker to pro level Snooker Del has gained a top class reputation in the field of snooker.

A good Basic level snooker guide for any budding snooker champ.

Easy to follow
How to play topspinhow to make the cue ball roll forwards faster
How to stun the cue ballhow to put stun on the cue ball for positional play
How to screw backHow to draw the cue ball backwards after the shot
Follow throughThe way your cue should follow through on the shot
The eyeslearn what your eyes should be doing on the shot
How to Bridge your HandThe Best way for your hand to support the cue
Lining up your body to potthe correct way to line up the shot for you
How to PotLearn how to pot balls and different ways Players try
Lots moreAlso lots more tips

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