Push on extension
Brand: Peradon

Telescopic Push On snooker cue Extension Original Brand Blue moon (please be aware of fake cue extensions that break easy) These are the real solid snooker cue push on extension you see on TV events.

Del Says: "The Classic push on Extendable Pull out extentions are still used in todays main Ranking events as some professionals find it much quicker and easier to push it on rather than try leave the table to find there screw on kind and loose possible concentration mid break? Will be around for some time to come and always handy to have one laying around the snooker table."


This extension will push on to any snooker cue of any make, however this style of extension is usually used on cues which do not have the facility to accept any form of screw on extension, for example one piece or centre jointed cues which do not have 'Butt End Joints' fitted.

This extension is fitted by simply pushing the cue butt into the end of the extension which grips the cue firmly in place.

There are unfortunately lots of really cheap imitation or fake cue extensions that look the same as this but crack and break as they are made so cheap but please be aware of this when looking for one of these.

The extension is constructed of aluminium and ABS plastic and can be extended by pulling the end away from the cue, and then quickly locked at any position required by gently twisting the blue collar.

The extension measures 29 1/4” in length, but when the cue butt is inserted it can extend the length of the cue by any amount between 21 1/2” and 35”.

Length29 1/4" (74.5cm)
Extended Length42 3/4" (109cm) -but with butt inserted extends cue length by between 21 1/2" (54.5cm) & 35" (89cm)
Brand nameBlue Moon Leisure

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