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Smooth down nap of table cloth.

Del Says: "This is a very underutilised piece of table maintenance equipment. Keep your table cloth nice and smooth with this custom made smoothing block."

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This snooker table smoothing block is used to smooth out hand and cue scuff marks on the table cloth. It is essential that the table nap is smoothed down after brushing with a snooker table brush, but prior to ironing with a snooker table iron. This custom made smoothing block really is quite an essential accessory used by many professional snooker and pool players, and it will keep the table cloth nice and smooth.

With These Snooker Table Block's you can even Change the Cloth yourself by undoing the screws with chuck key and changing the cloth with new green baize when your old cloth gets old and worn out.

Del Smith Says " I cant stress how important the Snooker table block is for any snooker table cloth because after brushing your snooker table the nap lay's all over the place in swipe motions and so the block is needed to push the nap in a straight line again before you need to iron these in place, otherwise your table will look like it rolls out in places and soft slow shots can be missed because the nap will sway off line.

All Snooker Club's and Anybody with a Home Table should get a snooker table block, as Ours only sold by Snookerstuff.com are the best ones I have Seen being Made by Hand by a Master Craftsman.

At all levels of Snooker Blocking your table after Brushing should be done Every time and often like ironing your snooker table.


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