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Table brush for snooker and pool tables - 12" long nylon brush

Del Says: "Always keep your table cloth clean!"

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This snooker table brush is a good quality 12" nylon brush which can be used by either pool or snooker club's or players.

If regular brushing is done, it will help to lengthen the life of the cloth, and will also make sure you will have a true and fast game! Used by many snooker and pool players. A BCE/Riley, and Peradon snooker product.

Make sure you brush, block, and iron your snooker table often to keep it running true and fast - a table cloth needs to be cared for to play straight and fast running.

Brush your snooker table from the baulk D line end towards the black spot end of the table or (with the nap), this is done to keep all the little hairs on your cloth (called the nap) laying down flat to keep the cloth faster and true.

Length12" (30.8cm)