Brand: Peradon

These Leather Chalk pouches have been around for many years and can be a great and easy way of getting quick access to chalking up your snooker cue tip without loosing concentration on the shot.

Del Says: "As a young snooker player I remember seeing lots of the up and coming good players use this type of chalk holder Including some of my practice partners who would in time become world snooker champions like Ken Doherty, Peter Ebdon, Stuart Bingham to name but a few. "

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Its always good to have your chalk on you when you play snooker or pool and these Leather chalk holders are Perfect. With clip at the back to fasten to your belt or pocket these are the type many top professionals use when in practice every day. Easy to grab the chalk and place back without even thinking about it.

A good gift to yourself or any snooker/pool player. No more split or chalky pockets in your trousers?


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