Brand: Peradon

Peradon branded fitted cover suitable for all size snooker and pool tables from 6ft to full size tables, with Silver Peradon logo, Elasticated corners.

Del Says: "For club or a home snooker and pool table use these black peradon snooker table covers have elasticated corners on them and so fits tight to keep heat trapped and keeps out damp from your cloth, This being very important if your looking to have a good fast running snooker table cloth. Also to keep bits and dust off the snooker table cloth of course and just a must have."


This fitted table cover, in black and with elasticated corners, is perfect for 12'ft snooker tables. It is very durable and will protect the table from any accidents or spillages. Keeping sunlight off the table will stop any fading colour, and no dust will be able to form so the table will stay looking in good shape much longer. Protecting the table when not in use this elegant cover drapes over the table - why not purchase it for either snooker or pool tables?

Del says "A snooker table cover only takes a minute to remove from the table and ensures that you keep your snooker or pool table clean from dust or the cold weather - if your table cloth gets damp it will slow down and feel thick and slower."

All match snooker tables or home snooker tables should be covered up when not being used.

S5220 Peradon fitted dustcover for 12' (full size) snooker tables

S5221 Peradon fitted dustcover for 10' snooker tables

S5222 Peradon fitted dustcover for 9' snooker/pool tables

S5223 Peradon fitted dustcover for 8' snooker/pool tables

S5224 Peradon fitted dustcover for 7' snooker/pool tables

S5225 Peradon fitted dustcover for 6' snooker/pool tables

Peradon Fitted Black snooker and pool table Dust Covers
Our most popular snooker and pool table dustcover. These durable black covers have elasticated corners for easy fitting and are available for all table sizes from 6ft to full size 12ft tables.

These Peradon type fitted table covers or dust sheets are perfect to cover the snooker or opool table to protect the snooker or pool table cloth from dust or any danger of being ruined by water or drinks or food and great to cover the table for partys.

Always Cover your snooker or pool table up at night or if there is not going to be any table use for any length of time to proptect your table cloth from cold and damp to spills and anything else that could ruin the cloth.

If a snooker or pool table is left without a table cover for days and cold nights it will get damp as the cloth will gather moisture in the air and will swell the cloth slightly which will in turn slow down the speed of the cloth. (the balls will run slow) and so always make sure you cover the table up at night.

fitted dustcover sizesfrom 6ft up to 12ft full size tables
great feature covers have elasticated corners for easy smart fitting
Brand nameWhite Peradon Logo
Durable black coversVery strong and durable that will last