Brand: Peradon

The three main things you need to keep your snooker table in top condition are a good brush, a snooker table block to smooth the nap (hairs Down) and of course an iron to keep the table fast and true.

Del Says: "A snooker table iron will make sure your snooker table will run faster and true, and for any table it is a must have piece of equipment to have like a good table brush and a table block."


The only quality English made billiard iron on the market, distributed by Peradon. This iron is thermostatically controlled and has a temperature setting dial underneath the handle. It is supplied with a lead which is detached when ironing the table and a with a special stand to place the hot iron safely onto.

This great Dowsing Iron is a 240v electric flat snooker table iron. It meets all table care requirements for any colour baize and meets EU standards. The Dowsing iron comes with the heat plate, power cord and also has a dial gauge from 1 to 9. It is British made, and can be used by either snooker, Billiards or pool players - professionals will use this and ensures your table is kept in perfect condition.

Del Smith Says " All Snooker Tables Need Looking after for the Cloth to Play Straight and run fast.

The Snooker Table Iron should be used Every Day or as often as you can to bring out the best in your snooker cloth.. Without Ironing your snooker table cloth often, you will find moisture will set in to the cloth and the table will run very slow and finger prints will look stronger in the Baize.

Always Iron your Snooker Table from the D or Baulk line End Towards the Black spot with the Nap (all the little hairs), the same as brushing and Blocking as doing this will Keep your Snooker Cloth in good Fast Condition.

For any Standard of play From Begginer to Professional Level it is very Important to have the best snooker table cloth possible.

For Best Results Always overlap the last line with the Snooker Iron and tilt slightly to go over the part again each time so that you dont leave tram line marks or cricket field type lines after Ironing.

The Better the Player you will Find the Player will want the table as fast as it can get, Even to the point of adding Snooker Table Heating under the Slate's so that the moisture will be taken out none stop leaving a much nicer snooker table playing cloth.

At top level for TV snooker matches the Table is Ironed after every session or 4-8 frames of snooker to make sure the cloth is as fast and true as possible.

A Snooker Table Iron is a must for any player with a Table or for all snooker clubs.


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