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These most common snooker rest heads are used very often in a game of snooker because nobody can ever reach all the shots and so all tables must have at least one of these to hand. All tables you will find these at each end of the snooker table.

Del Says: "The Snooker Cross Rest Head has a low and higher aim position one being higher to aim at the middle of the cue ball while the lower would always be used to hit the cue ball lower for back spins and stun shots."

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The screw on snooker table cross rest head will fit any blank rest shaft or old snooker cue with maybe some size cutting or padding to fit and is suitable for all cue sports. It is made from brass and has black plastic feet to reduce cloth wear. The brass rests are used in the majority of pool and snooker clubs across the UK aswell as televised tournaments. Also available on snookerstuff.com are the spare black nylon toes and rest stick poles.

The short snooker table Cross rests are the rests at each end of the snooker table you see on TV matches and at snooker clubs.   

These are used to stop overstreching on those hard to reach shots.

This kind is the most common type Snooker rest used and most all snooker clubs around the world use this kind with Black toes.

Rest stick sold separately


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