Brand: Peradon

The Butt snooker rest heads are used for the long and half butt rest poles that are placed on each side of the snooker table, The butt heads are lower to see over and have three cue rest positions for those hard to cue shots.

Del Says: "There are a few different types of snooker cue rest heads, the cross rest heads for the short rest poles for the ends of the table, the Spider Rest head that is used to bridge over snooker balls to cue the white properly as is the Swan neck rest head, and then there are these Butt rest heads that can be used on shorter poles or as normal on the long and half butt rest poles."


These Brass snooker Butt rest heads are used often in the game and always handy to have for that awkward shot.

look for the poles to fit this and other rest heads on to on the snookerstuff.com web site.


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