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Blue diamond snooker cue tips have been around for a very long time in the game and still have so many players use them. They sit a bit higher than some tips and tend to be a bit softer in my opinion but some players will use these because of that.

Del Says: "Blue Diamond snooker or pool Cue Tips are one of the best original type cue tips used by so many players in the professional snooker and pool world and a good choice of tip to use still as these days every week there seems to be different tips on the market but few come close to be as good as these."

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These 9mm - 12mm sized Blue Diamond Snooker Cue Tips are the ideal product for snooker and pool players. They are made from a specially selected and treated leather, by the Brunswick Corporation in USA.

They are formed under 40,000 pounds of pressure, which ensures that the tips have a perfectly uniform density.

These Blue Diamond snooker tips are a deep blue colour and I feel a softer type snooker cue tip.

As a professional snooker player myself (Del Smith) I find the blue Diamond snooker cue tip's a much softer tip that sits a bit higher on the cue once glued on before shaped, also with the Blue Diamond tip I find a more Chalky feel and a high fibre tip.


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