These Snooker or pool player gloves are used all round the world and seen on TV events to help with sweaty hands that make playing a shot feel uncomfortable but with the glove feels smooth and happy for the cue actions.

Del Says: "The Snooker and Pool players gloves are universal for right and left handed players and you see so many more players wearing these in todays snooker and pool matches for the reason when its warm outside or your feeling hot and under presure your hands get sticky so these do help. "


Two fingered pool gloves. This ever popular pool and snooker playing accessory is a great way to improve your playing performance. A golfer would almost always use a glove, you will find particularly with American pool players, a pool glove is equally essential. When you get the right glove, the correct fit, correct quality material you will be immediately converted.

The wrong glove however will leave you uncomfortable and always conscious of it being there. Thus do not just get the cheapest chinese copy as it will put you off gloves for life. If in doubt call for our advice as we stock a substantial range and are certain to have the right one for your unique bridging hand.

The PoolGlove concept is to provide a smooth and slidy material barrier between the cue shaft and your skin. This will allow the cue to slide more smoothly as the material has a far more consistent and lower coefficient of friction than your flesh.

The cue condition, age, chalk dust, temperature, sweat, dirt, grease all compound to make the idea of sliding a cue shaft against the skin of your bridging hand an almost impossible task, if you are aiming for 100% consitency. The pool glove will overcome most of the variables thus making your game far more reliable and consistent.

The index, middle finger and thumb are covered with this glove allowing your palm and two fingers to remain exposed. This is chiefly to allow air to circulate around your hand and keeps your palm cool and sweat free.

The exposed fingers also help with providing a secure bridging hand as your finger tips will grip the pool or snooker cloth better. An elasticated wrist band ensures the bridging glove remains a secure and comfortable fit.


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