Brand: Elkmaster Tips

A choice of both Elk master or Blue Diamond snooker or pool cue tips.

Del Says: "Elk Master snooker cue tips six loose tips for people who only want a few tips loose and not buy a whole box of tips. A choice of both Elk master or Blue Diamond snooker or pool cue tips. Posted Loose in an Envelope 1st Class."


These days snooker and pool players have so many cue tips to choose from with an array of soft or hard cue tips or Layered pig bskin type tips with names like Talisman, Kamui, Century G2 or G3 and then there are the snooker cue tips we grew up playing with from young that have been around for years called Elk Master and Blue Diamond and after trying all the tips out always seem to come back to thinking you cant beat the original Elk Master or blue diamond snooker cue tips. Here you can just a pack of six snooker cue tips in different sizes for your snooker/pool cue 9mm, 9.5mm and 10mm that glue on with super glue for best results use a super glue gel type as doesnt run down your cue. You will need to shape the snooker cue tip once its been glued on to your cue to get the shape you like use sandpaper or files we sell on snookerstuff.com. Also check out the Harder Elk Pro tips if your after a harder tip that don't misshape as much these are a good choice also.

We sell a total re-tipping kit that has everything you will need to replace your own tips yourself.

With some practice you will be able to glue on your own snooker cue tips and learn how to shape the tip so that your happy with your own tip.

Tip size Elk Master9mm, 9.5mm, 10 mm
choice of loose tipsBlue Diamond or Elk Master cue tips
Tip size Blue Diamond9mm, 10mm

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