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The snooker coach DVD is a coaching guide that will help you with all the basic steps to follow to improve your technique in snooker and pool by one of the games leading coaches Del Smith.

Del Says: "My snooker coaching DVD is packed full of useful pointers and tips for quick improvement."


The snooker coach DVD is great for players who need any help with some of the fundamental techniques to get to a better standard of snooker.

This easy to follow snooker coaching DVD will point out all the basic ways to improve the way you play a shot.

  • DVD includes:

  • How To Pot

  • The Eyes

  • Cue Action

  • The Screw Shot

  • The Stun Shot

  • Top Spin Shot

  • Stance

  • Body Alignment

  • The Bridge Hand

  • Follow Through

  • ... and much, much more!

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