Brand: Taylor Made

Taylor made snooker cue deal no 11, Double thin green and Rosewood veneers. 9.5mm tip, 58" Long, Weights 18.oz to 20.oz

Del Says: "As a Professional player and Grade A Coach I have seen all kinds of makes of Snooker and Pool cues but am particularly taken with the Taylor made range and have now played shots with the many different types and must say how impressed I am by them. If you are thinking of a getting a nice solid cue then look no further as these could be just the ticket."


The Taylor Made range of snooker cues are growing in terms of choice and the quality of these for value for money has gone from strength to strength.

The Cue states are 9.5mm shaped cue tip ready to play with and is 58" long, with weight varying from around 18oz to around 20oz in weight.

This Cue has a double thin green subtle look over a lovely dark rosewood and real black ebony butt.

I really like the feel of the Taylor made new range of 12 cues with more colours of Veneer hand spliced being added all the time it gives a wide choice for a player to choose from and a wider range of weight being seen thoughtout the choices.

The true quality of the cues can only be really felt in person as all cues look good in online pictures flat on a table but it's when I show players these in person that they can't belive the quality for the prices.

Cue Length58" Long
cue tip size9.5mm
Shaft4 star Ash
Weight18 to 21oz does vary
JointBrass joints
CaseBlack Hard case with Black soft interior
Butt End JointSD joint to screw in the extentions

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