Brand: Taylor Made

A lovely looking and feeling Snooker cue with a great weight balance and very much worth the money for the set.

Del Says: "The Taylor made brand of cues are all of great quality and made so well its hard to fault them. They are really worth the very modest price tags and you get the most value from any cue set we have ever sold. "


The Taylor made Black and double white Sycamore veneer cue with a lovely 4 star ash used makes this a stunning cue not just to look at but 

for the feeling on the shot. Cue stats are 57" long, weights around 19.5 ounces does vary from cue to cue but because of the real Ebony used they tend to be on the heavy side. 9.5mm cue tip. Tipped ready to play with straight away.

Taylor made brand of snooker cues have gone from strength to strength in quality.

We aim to have stock of this cue but from time to time only have some of the other Taylor Made Brand of Cues in Stock.

Please feel free to ask me before you order 07946 801278 Del 

cue tip size 9.5mm
Cue Length57" long
Weight18.5oz to 21oz Heavy weighted but well balanced