Brand: Cannon

The Cannon Manta pool and snooker cue (unscrews in to three sections) with a small 8.75mm cue tip, and is a perfect English pool cue for the Pub type pool tables as you can remove back butt to make a short cue for when walls and posts are in the way.

Del Says: "The Cannon Manta pool and snooker cue has a lot of good points and I think good value for money being that they use good grade of Ash for the shafts and the cue is handy in that it unscrews to let you play the awkward shot against a wall or post in the pub. On the Cannon Manta snooker and pool cue they use real brass joints also and this cue has two joints on it."


Manta Three Section Cue

This 57” three section snooker and pool cue and is made from good grade Ash and offers superb value for money. The Manta Cannon snooker or pool cue has a machine spliced Ebony butt with real brass joints in the centre of the cue and also has a handy joint 10” from the butt. This enables a player playing an awkward place to remove the 10” section from the butt to still play the shot up against a wall or post in the way and this does happen a lot around the bars and pubs. The butt is finished with a brass Cannon disc and a protective leather butt pad. This cue features a solid brass ferrule and 8.75mm small tip.

The Cannon Manta cue has a small cue tip would be bettter for playing English eight ball pool, as the small tip is to control the smaller than snooker cue ball better and can give problems when playing snooker with such a small tip in that you get lots of unwanted spin easier than a bigger tip.

As a Professional snooker player and Grade A Professional Coach I would always recommend playing snooker with a bigger cue tip from 9.5mm to 10mm.

The Cannon Brand of snooker cues are good value for money.


Cue Length57" (145cm)
Shaft Length28" (71cm) - plus 1" (2.5cm) for the protruding male joint
Butt Length29" (74cm) -Butt section splits again 10" (25.5cm) from butt.
Tip size 8.75mm