Brand: Britannia Cues

A real quality snooker cue combo set at a low price with this Britannia 3/4 Tomahawk snooker cue and case offer.

Del Says: "The Tomahawk snooker Cue 3/4 comes with the Grey case with black diamonds and has it all here with a good bargain offer price."

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The Tomahawk snooker Cue 3/4 complete set inc Snooker cue, Grey/Black diamond 3/4 cue case, mini butt and tele pull out extension and leather chalk pouch, makes this a very nice addition to our web site having some very nice snooker cues in the Britannia range.

You can see and feel the Quality in the finish and Ash shaft with its 9.5 to 9.8 tip size perfect for snooker but still fine for a game of 8 English ball pool, also the weight is around M 18-18.5 oz.

If you are looking for something of Quality then you can't really go that wrong with one of these deals.



Tomahawk Cue C000020 

Tele extension CX0004 

¾ grey diamond case C001113 

Chalk pouch @ C001503 


Tip size9.5mm to 9.8mm
Weight18 to 18.5 oZ
ShaftGrade A ash
Butt End JointSD joint
length58" inches or 147.32 cm
Case3/4 sized case with soft interior

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