Red Buffalo lamotta English pool cue and case set 8.5mm M or H 17oz to 19oz with spacer Extension and chalk fob

Del Says: "This Buffalo pool cue combo Pack is great and has it all in an easy carry case great for popping down the pub or club for a game of pool and a cheeky pint."


This Buffalo English 8 ball pool cue is a classic two piece pool cue with an 8.5mm small cue tip just right for ball control on the pool table.

This Red wood Buffalo pool cue weight comes in 17 to 19 oZ and feels nice but more for pool than snooker with its small tip.

This Buffalo two piece English 8 ball cue comes complete with its own Silver hard case and has both the short mini butt and longer screw on addition Extensions with it plus a magnetic chalk fob.


Cue is Eng pool lamotta 5605.444  (includes mini butt)

Case is wide box  silver C001504S 

Spacer extn 5890.315 

Magnagrip Lux 3145.200 

Tip size8.5mm
Weight17-19 oz choice
cue typetwo piece cue with mini butt and longer extension and case
ShaftGrade A ash

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