A very popular choice of two piece snooker cue because they feel great and come with both mini butt and longer screw on cue extensions that all fit in the hard case for safe travel to the club and the good thing is that its all easy carry.

Del Says: "This is a nice cue and once again has a nice hard case and all the bits you would need to play a good game at the club. Well worth the money we feel for this cue."

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We have sold the Buffalo pool cue that looks the same but had a very small tip but now we these in the bigger 9.5mm tip still good for pool players but if you fancy a game of snooker its the correct size for snooker also.

The cue's weight is around 18 oZ and does balance well and feel like a nice cue should.

The Buffalocue comes already tipped but players all want to sand and shape the new tip down some to make the tip right for the way they like it. (do it yourself or ask at your club.) 


Cue is snooker master sollux 3 - 5605.444 

Case is wide box silver  C001504S

Spacer extn 5890.315 

Mini butt extn 5890.310 

Magnagrip Lux 3145.200 


Tip size9.5mm
Weight18 oZ
ShaftGrade A ash
length58" inches or 147.32 cm
cue typetwo piece cue with mini butt and longer extension and case

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