Brand: Aramith

High fiber density: 40,000 fibres/cm2, insure excellent cleaning and polishing.
High dimensional stability: no shrinkage after hot wash (60°C/140°F)

Del Says: "" If you have ever tried to Polish up a whole set of Snooker Ball's Then you will know how after 5-6 Snooker balls your hands ache like mad and its a hard job to remove all the finger prints and marks but this proper Aramith snooker ball cleaning cloth makes life cleaning your snooker balls so much easy its so much better.""


This new Aramith snooker/pool Ball polish cloth is an exclusive product designed for professional Snooker, billiard and pool ball maintenance by Aramith, to use in combination with the Aramith snooker Ball Cleaner and the Aramith snooker Ball Restorer.

The cloth has a high cloth resistance, and is a strong fibre cloth with no fibres being lost on the ball surface.

It absorbs four times its own weight in water, and eight times its weight in grease. The fibre shape consists of curly shaped fibres which easily remove dust from the ball's surface, then capture dust into the microfibre by means of an electrostatic effect due to friction on the ball's surface. Ideal for both snooker and pool balls.


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