The Predator Z shaft has been around for some time but has a great reputation as being an all round great shaft from Predator who are used and respected at the top level of professional pool today.

Del Says: "These Type Predator American pool shafts are looked at in pool like Snooker look at the John Paris brand of snooker cue for players who want to get the most from the game and with these Predator Z shafts you would be getting the best brand of pool shaft to use along with the Predator 314-3 and new Predator Revo shaft. "



New Predator Z3 Uni-Loc Silver Ring pool cue shaft-11.85mm-Conical Taper!

Reloaded with new technology. The third generation of Predator’s world renowned shafts has arrived, featuring a new front end construction, stronger high-tech materials, and even better game changing performance.

Predator was awarded a patent for its innovative Vault Plate front-end construction: Patent # US9814963B2.

  • V-Tek Construction
  • V-Tek Fiber Tip Silencing
  • iMatch 10-Piece splice construction
  • Conical-Hybrid Taper
  • Premium Predator 8 layer Victory Tip

Z-3 Shaft Facts and Features:

  • Weight of shaft 3.9oz , 29"
  • The new Predator Z-3 shaft is 11.85mm at the tip with a Conical-Hybrid taper.
  • The new design is re-engineered to increasingly reduce cue ball deflection. It's even easier to pocket balls using English.
  • The all new Predator Victory Medium tip is now multi-layered, enhancing the feel, reducing mushrooming and increasing the life of the tip.
  • Fits Uni-Loc silver ring cues , Ikon series, 8k series, Blak series.
  • New V-Tek  Ferrule is 4/10 of an inch. New ferrule is stronger and more resistant to scratching, chalk stains and damage. A shorter ferrule improves your cue's performance.

Z3 is lean, mean and has the most flex. Its smaller diameter paired with V-Tek construction allows for an extremely light front-end and pin-point tip placement. The Z-3, is 4% lighter at the front-end than the Z-2 and is considerably stronger.


The re-engineered front end construction incorporates the patent pending vault plate. The vault plate completely re-configures the stress points between the tip, tip silencer, ferrule, and splices to create a construction that is stronger from every axis with less mass and a higher level of kinetic energy transfer.

V-Tek Ferrule

Our proprietary formula allows Predator to create it’s own highly specific ferrule material. V-Tek Ferrules are not only stronger, but also lighter, reducing mass and increasing accuracy.

V-Tek Fiber Tip Silencing

Our proprietary blend creates a stronger and more tactile glueing surface, while creating an audibly pleasing sound upon contact with the ball.




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