Brand: Britannia Cues

English pool players cues have never looked as nice or felt as good with the range of Britannia cues that have it all in the range. With as small as a 6.5mm tip up to an 8mm and a choice of weights these make a good option for a good player.

Del Says: "A very good English pool cue choice with this Maverick Britannia 3/4 cue that has a lovely hand spliced white with blue veneers multi spliced and the bonus of the mini butt that fits right to the shaft to make the cue short for the pub wall shots? great to have this option as it also screws into the SD joint at the butt of the cue like any other cue."

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The Maverick Britannia English pool cue has many fine points about it with its super looks and feel to the very small 6.5mm up to 8mm cue tip perfect for the pool player looking for that extra touch for positional play.

A lot of good pool players are now looking for a 3/4 cue that feels good and has the small tip with the added bonus of the interchangable mini butt that lets you make the cue shorter for the pub wall problem shots we all have and yet because we can now fit the mini butt straight on the shaft feels like a proper shorter pool cue and not just a walking stick.

Pool players all have the problem of games on pool tables with that post or wall in the ay and this type cue makes life that bit easier and better for the situation.

The Maverick and python and other English pool cues made by Britannia have very small tips and this means they use the strongest type grade of Ash to compensate and make sure the cues do not snap or break because they are made to last.

Why not look at our range of 3/4 cue cases that would keep your new cue safe from harm or damp.



Britannia pro Maverick pool cue C000122

Tip size6.5mm to 8mm
Weight17 to 20 oZ choice
ShaftGrade A ash
Butt DecorationGabon ebony, rosewood, sycamore hand spliced
Butt End JointSD joint