This Digicue snooker coaching device works very well

Del Says: "Del says "A great idea and a must try for any snooker player to find out how to correct cueing action faults!" Being a Grade A level two snooker coach and professional snooker player I fully see the value of trying one of these very useful gadgets as they do make you concentrate on your cue action being straight with no inward or outward movement or this will buzz to let you know its your fault."

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This rubber snooker/pool cue device will immediately show you if you are not cueing straight enough. See if it was you choosing the wrong spot to hit on the object ball or if it was you cueing across the white ball on your delivery of the cue?

This is a self-teaching aid for a snooker or pool player learning to cue in a straight line - the minute you don't cue straight through the cue ball it will buzz in your hand to let you know.

It has an on/off button and pushes onto the end of either a snooker or pool cue.

The Digicue device comes boxed with two rubber cue stoppers, one for snooker or english pool cues and a bigger one for USA 9 ball pool cues etc.

I used the Digicue to see if it works and it does! I was really suprised at how accurate it was - the device told me the moment I didn't cue straight.


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