Brand: Peradon

Union Jack design leather cue case, Peradon Genuine Leather Case for 3/4 Jointed Cue & Extension (S2696-GB
This Peradon snooker cue case can be used to carry two cues without extensions or one cue with extensions.

Del Says: "A very nice addition Peradon real leather hard case that will not only keep your cue safe but will look great to other players and show that your a Proud to be British snooker or pool player also. These Snooker cue cases are made with the best leather possible and feel and look amazing."


This Peradon real leather 3/4 snooker or pool cue case will fit the cue and cue extensions also plus room for chalks and bits and bobs you might need.

These Peradon branded Hand made snooker cue cases are very nicely made and when you compare to other similar snooker cue cases you will notice the difference in quality and they do not compare to this type.

Constructed as a solid wooden snooker case and then upholstered with the best quality leather with sued interior with real leather straps and buckles to boot.

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Union Jack design leather cue case. Peradon hand made leather cases are truly stunning cases. Whilst many alternative cases may look good in photographs these cases are skilfully constructed by hand down with attention right to the smallest detail. They are constructed as a wooden case which is then beautifully upholstered with the finest quality leather on the exterior and with sued leather on the padded interior which holds the cue in place. The smooth rounded leather case ends are testament to the skill of the case maker. The solid brass hinges and catches are of the highest quality as are the leather straps and buckles. The interior compartments of this case have been cleverly thought out to be much more versatile than most other cases, whilst keeping the length to a minimum. The case will hold a cue with a shaft length up to 47” and along with the butt section will hold additional extensions and butt end extensions. Alternatively the case can also be used to carry two cues without extensions. For details of the compartment sizes please see the chart below. We recommend that you measure the length of your cue including any protruding joints to ensure they will fit. If you are considering purchasing in conjunction with a cue offered by Peradon details of all cue shaft, butt and extension lengths can be found on this website. The exterior of the case is embossed with the distinctive Peradon trademark.

Genuine Leather Union Jack design Snooker cue Case for 3/4 Jointed Cue & Extension (S2696-GB)


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Interior Length47 ¼" (120cm)
Exterior LxWxH48 ½" (123.5cm) x 4 ½" (11.5cm) x 1 ¾" (4.5cm)
Constructionwooden Case construction upholstered with finest leather
Exterior MaterialFinest quality leather
Interior MaterialGenuine suede leather

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