An easy carry light weight snooker cue case perfect to keep your cue from harms way and to stop damp for safe storage. The interior is soft foam and the outside is hard case.
Has an easy carry handle.

Del Says: "These Snooker or pool cue cases are for 3/4 cut cues only. The white arrow over black cases are strong hard cases and have a nice soft foam interior to keep your snooker cue safe from damp and any harm."


This is the New version of an old classic look snooker or cue case having the solid black hard case with slim white arrows or darts makes a great look.

The case is strong and will keep your 3/4 cut snooker or pool cue safe from harm or damp and cold.

Easy carry handle on the snooker cue case top.

Not keeping your snooker or pool cue in a safe warm cue case will leave your cue open to damage or warping (bending) over time. The worst thing you can do is to lean your snooker cue up against a wall for any time as this will sure to let the cue bend or warp as its known.




White arrow case C001109 

Casefor 3/4 cut snooker or pool cues

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