Brand: Britannia Cues

Something a bit different but with class and quality so worth a look at these or if you know the weight and tip size you like we can send your new cue out fast with free delivery in the UK only.

Del Says: "These Britannia Steel jointed snooker cues are called the Arrow but there are a lot of different types and price range but I like the all black Arrow 3/4 cue comes complete with the black mini butt and also longer cue Extention."


The Britannia Steel Joints and Ferrule give this snooker cue a different look and feel to most other cues out there and has the purest deep black hand spliced real Gabon ebony and made with a real nice grade of Ash shaft for a smooth wood finish.

These snooker cues have been made by combining the very best materials and craftsmanship and design and after hitting a few balls found that the cue balance, feel and finish are superb in evey aspect even with this simple Black arrow cue from the steel range.

The cue tip size is a standard 9.7mm and the weights are between 18 and 20 oZ.

I like the feel of this cue after trying it out.


Brit steel Black arrow cue C000114

Tele extn CX0004 


Tip size9.75mm
Weight18 to 20 oZ
Jointssolid steel
Butt Decorationplain black Gabon ebony