Brand: Britannia Cues

Two piece Britannia snooker cue combo set called the black wolf has great looks as well as being a nice cue to play with and comes with the award winning Screw on tele cue Extension.

Del Says: "After taking some shots with this two piece Britannia snooker cue I felt like it handles well and I liked the cue's balance. There are a lot of cues to choose from but really liked this set in looks and to use."


The Britannia snooker cue has a 9.5mm to 9.7mm tip and the weight is around 19oz on the heavy side but feels perfect balance and comes complete with a black hard snooker case, easy to carry on and off public transport and also has a magnetic chalk fob.

The butt of this Britannia snooker cue design is in full black butt and the pack we call the Black wolf is very popular with the added bonus of the screw on sd joined cue for the tele cue extenda that all fits nice and snug in the snooker cue case.

This set makes a lovely gift set for any budding snooker player.


Cue and case combo we call the Black wolf inc tele 

Magnagrip Lux 3145.200 


Tip size9.5mm to 9.75mm
Weight18-19 oZ on the heavy side for players who like heavy feel
length58" inches or 147.32 cm
Butt End JointSD

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