Brand: Peradon

Peradon King 3/4 cut snooker cue is many peoples choice of peradon 3/4 snooker cue being hand spliced with best woods used to create a fine made cue that feels solid and so a lot of snooker cue for the money.

Del Says: "The Peradon 3/4 King snooker cue is a top selling cue design from Peradon being hand spliced with a selection of weights on offer you could find that this cue is a perfect choice to go for."


The Peradon king snooker cue is one of the better Peradon snooker cues that feels solid as a cue should and is one of the best sellers from the Peradon snooker cue range.  

There is a lot of snooker cue for your money with all the options of the cue extensions add ons that we sell on snookerstuff also from the 6"mini butt to the longer screw on pull out type you see on TV events.

This full size, 58 inch, ¾ jointed cue is crafted by Peradon in England from the highest grade, kiln dried, North American Ash and exotic Ebony.

Cue LengthCue Length 58" long
Shaft Length42" long
Butt Length16" long
Tip9.5 mm to 10 mm
Weight18oz up to 18.5oz or Heavy 18 ┬Żoz up to 21oz
Butt Decoration Four large Olivewood splices with Sycamore and Plum veneers
JointSolid brass, 'Quick Action' 16" from butt end