Brand: Peradon

The Peradon Century snooker cue has Four point Ebony butt, two light blue veneers, Rosewood inlay and Ebony front splice.

Del Says: "The Peradon Century snooker cue is a nice snooker cue with a nice feel to it."


Full size Snooker cue crafted from hand selected, kiln dried timbers (English made ash). Polished brass ferrules and 9 ½mm / 10mm Elkmaster tip.

Cue has undergone numerous finishing processes to achieve a unique 'silk smooth' cue shaft.

This is complimented by a traditionally shaped butt finished with a leather butt pad.

Butt Length12" long
Cue LengthCue Length 58" long
Tip size9.5 mm to 10 mm
JointQuick action Brass Joint