Cue and extensions
Brand: Peradon

A very nice Snooker cue made by Peradon the Carlisle 3/4 snooker cue has stood the test of time being the choice of many players. it has many add on Mini Butts and cue extensions you can buy on

Del Says: "The Peradon Carlisle 3/4 cut snooker cue is one that Peradon has kept on selling as it is one of the best sellers because of its great feel. Like I said on my video about the Peradon Carlisle 3/4 cue it seems to have a slim butt and like all of the peradon range it has no lacquer or sticky varnish that you might feel on other less known branded snooker cues and I do like this cue and its feel."


Please watch my video about this snooker cue below, I say how nice I think this cue feels and have played with it and liked the feel of the slimmer butt and how solid it sounded and felt on the shot.

This seems be one of the better snooker cues and worth the money.

It has quick release brass joints and has a smooth finish with good grain of ash shaft and a 9.5 to 10mm tip.

It has the SD screw in joints for both Mini butt and Longer cue extensions as an add-on feature.

Made From The Best North American Ash and spliced with Ebonex. The ash is carefully selected is for strength and straightness before the Ebonex composition is spliced to the cue by hand and the cue is shaped to produce the distinctive four round point pattern of a hand spliced cue. A Bubinga wood front splice and Sycamore veneer is then spliced to the butt section to further enhance the appearance.


Cue Length58" long
Shaft Length44" long
Butt Length 14"
ShaftSelected kiln dried North American Ash
ButtMachine spliced genuine Ebony
JointSolid brass, 'Quick Action' 14" from butt end
Weight16 ½ oz up to 17 ½ oz or Heavy 17 ½ oz up to 19oz