Brand: Taylor Made

9mm cue tip, tipped with the new pro century tip and shaped ready to play with, also 58" long and this cue weight is 18 oz and so a perfect Medium light side cue but also well balanced.

Del Says: "Another lovely cue from Taylor made here with the stunning woods used give this cue the looks and not only that it feels as good as it looks if you like a medium weight cue, this could be the correct cue for you. "


Taylor made Snooker Cue 3/4 Hand Spliced With Case And Both 6" mini and longer 29" Extention’s Condition is "New". Dispatched FREE FAST DELIVERY.

You have the Arrow Drop down choice below of the full offer set at £169.00 with the Long 29' Extention piece or a Lower price of just £144.95 without it added to your cue set? The choice is yours as is the colour of the cue case you like best all with free fast delivery.

This quality made real wood snooker cue feels really nice to use and you will notice the different feeling of this quality they have when you pick it up.

This snooker cue has a small 9mm cue tip fitted with the new professional choice of the century cue tip and is shaped ready to use straight away.

The hand spliced colour of the veneers on the butt is a white real wood sycamore splice and has a rosewood end butt that has the SD joint ready to screw in the mini butt or longer extention straight into for those longer shots.

Please rest assured these cues are all dead Straight as I make sure when I pick out all my own cues for sale myself. 

You will get the cue, cue case, longer 29” tele extention and mini butt and 2 x free chalks and comes with fast free delivery or collect it if your local by appointment only.

Your own choice of Colour cue case Black, Maroon or blue hard case 3/4 with Brown tan/black soft interior.

Taylor made 3/4 Ash wood shaft cue with full deep Black Ebony butt with white sycamore real wood hand spliced veneer complemented by a pale walnut butt makes this cue stunning to look at and it feels as good to use.

This Cue is for a player who likes a solid feeling cue.

9mm tip

57.5 inches long

Weight is 19.1 Oz heavy weight and great balanced. Solid feel

Butt is 2.7mm widest at base SD joint

Fitted with the very popular G3 Century Tip (pro grade). Shaped ready to play with.

Snookerstuff s one of only a few selected company’s online that get supplied from Taylor Made snooker cues.

Tip size9mm,
Accessoriestwo green triangle chalks
Casechoice of black, blue or maroon
ButtSD joint in the butt
ShaftGrade A ash
Butt Decorationdouble sycamore veneers over pale walnut
length58" inches or 147.32 cm
Weight18 oZ
TipTipped with a pro Century G3 tip ready shaped to play

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