This pro Break snooker or pool cue is a good idea for places you need a shorter cue for those wall shots or hard to play areas of the table or good for juniors learning the game.

Del Says: "I find the Pro break all black snooker cue could also be good for pool players as the cue can break down to make it comfortable at different lengths as well as being a good cue on its own and does come complete with a nice hard case and magnetic chalk fob plus it's an easy to carry on and off for public transport. The snooker cue fits nice and snug for no rattles."


The Pro Break snooker or pool cue set has everything you need to play coming complete with cue, a hard case, a mini and longer cue extension and a magnetic chalk holder.

With the Pro breaker snooker cue you can unscrew it to make it that bit shorter and to make it feel like a proper cue just add on the mini butt for that nice feeling of the short cue with a good touch still.

Cue is Pro Break 5595.006  

Case is wide box black C001504 

Spacer extn 5890.315

Mini butt extn 5890.310

Magnagrip Lux 3145.200 

Tip size9.5mm to 10mm
Weight18 oZ
ShaftGrade A ash
JointsSolid Brass
length58" inches or 147.32 cm
cue type3 x piece cue with 2 x extensions =5 pieces

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