This Masters Snooker cue set has everything you need with a good easy carry case and mini butt and extra long spacer Extension that makes the shots easy to reach down the snooker table.

Del Says: "After trying out the Masters sollux cue I found it a very nice 2 piece snooker cue and past the tests for feeling on the shots and no horrible sounds so would put this down as a good cue set. I also like the look and veneer colours that set this cue apart from others out there."


The Master Sollux snooker cue is a two piece snooker cue and has a 9.5mm cue tip that can be used for pool or snooker still and it's weight is around a nice M 180z with a good standard of ash shaft that feels nice (none stick) with solid brass joint and can fit both mini and longer cue extensions for more length if needed. also comes with a nice black hard case to keep your cue safe with soft foam interior and a magnetic chalk fob for easy chalking of your cue.

Cue is snooker master sollux 4 5605.444 

Case is wide box black C001504 

Spacer extn 5890.315 

Mini butt extn 5890.310 

Magnagrip Lux 3145.200 

Weight18 oZ
length58" inches or 147.32 cm

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