Brand: Taylor Made

This Taylor made 3/4 snooker cue has just that bit better quality that puts a bit more on the price but worth it.

Del Says: "A lovely Taylor made cue here that just has that extra bit of quality in the wood that sets it standards a bit higher than the normal and comes complete with a hard case and both mini butt and longer cue extention as a set."


The Taylor made brand of snooker and english 8 ball pool cues are taking over the market with it's true high quality made product. Well worth a look for any player standard from club player to professional you can't help notice the proper woods and craftsmanship in these cues.

This Cue stats are 

9mm to 9.5mm tip

weight is 17.8 ounces

cue length is 58" Long 

You will notice the quality when you first pick this cue up as it just feels that bit better woods used and has a bit better feeling on the shot, it is hard to express the true feel of a snooker cue but for the better player who will understand what I am talking about you will know the difference when you play a few shots with this cue.

I must add there is not much init compared to the other Taylor made cues on offer but there just is a bit better quality in the feel of this cue and another one I have that is almost the same look but a slightly darker shade of brown veneers but both of these are real nice.

The Other cue is almost the same and a bit heavier at 18.3oz in weight. Just feel free to email or text me should you want to know more.


Tip size9mm, to 9.5mm, varies
Weight17.8 0z
ShaftGrade A ash
length58" inches or 147.32 cm
Casechoice of black, blue or maroon
Accessories6' or 9' mini butt and 29' tele extention
Butt End JointSD joint in the butt

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