Brand: Peradon

Peradon Edwardian One Piece Cue

Del Says: " "After Playing with this cue - I found it to have a nice solid feel to it, not like some one piece snooker cue's that can feel at times whipy after a shot.""

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Full size (58") Snooker Cue crafted from hand selected, kiln dried timbers. Features a polished brass ferrule and 9.5mm to 10mm tip. (Each cue slightly Different of course)

Each cue undergoes numerous finishing processes to achieve a unique 'smooth' cue shaft with no sticky varnish that you might see on most other makes of cue's these days. This is complemented by a traditional shaped butt in genuine ebony with a butt-joint for a range of optional extensions.

Cue LengthCue Length 58" long
Tip size9.5 mm to 10 mm
Butt DecorationAll Ebony Machine Spliced
ShaftSelected kiln dried North American Ash
Weight16.5 up to 17.5oz or Heavy 17.5oz up to 19oz