Brand: Peradon

An aluminium case with upholstered exterior in hard wearing leather look material in various colour combinations to create a very attractive cue case. S2594.BLAGRNSTR

Del Says: "This cue case protects your cue while looking stylish at the same time. "


The new Peradon Halo Plus case is made to last, and a lot wider than the other Halo type cases you might see.

A coated, strong aliminium outer case with strong thick black plastic ends plus a nice soft black foam interior to keep your cue safe.

Available in different colours (see below)

Being a Halo Plus extra wide case, you can get 3 x 1 piece cues inside or 2 x cues and mini butts and extensions inside easily.

The Halo Plus 3/4 case fits 2 x 3/4 cues inside with mini butts and extensions.

ConstructionAluminium construction offering maximum cue protection
ExteriorUpholstered with hard wearing leather look material
HingesRobust integral hinges
CatchesHighly polished chrome finish
InteriorBlack flocked foam
InteriorThree interior channels to hold one or even two cues with extensions

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