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Snooker and Pool Table Re-Covering/Cloth Replacement

Example of cloth replacement on snooker table Further example of cloth replacement on snooker table Example of cloth replacement on snooker table showing exposed slate bed

Is your snooker or pool table in need of
a new cloth, table bed or cushions?

We provide a specialist service in the replacement of snooker and pool table cloths, table beds and table cushions.

We have been re-clothing snooker tables for several years now, using operatives who have a background in snooker as players and coaches who know what is important in re-clothing a snooker table.

We have done quality jobs for many statisfied customers. We use all major brand named cloth types and materials to ensure that your table is left in pristine condition.

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Strachan Snooker and Pool Cloth:

No. 10 Snooker Championship Weight (30oz)

The professinal's choice and the official and exclusive cloth of World Snooker, used for all major ranking tournaments worldwide since 1980 and known for its speed and quality playing surface - at times we get ex-like new cloth to use on your table at a huge discount to you.

6811 Snooker Tournament Weight (30oz)

The world's most used snooker cloth, being very fast and accurate with high control, used in many tournaments around the world of snooker.

6811 Snooker Club (32oz)

This cloth is the worlds most used for snooker clubs as it is very hard wearing, a bit thicker and lasts a bit longer than other cloths but is still fast and feels good to play on.

For USA American Pool Tables We Use Either:

Simonis Cloth 860 (best you can get)

Simonis pool table cloth is the very highest standard of pool cloth used for all major professional pool player tournaments around the world because of its great speed and high quality.

The Super Pro American Pool Table Cloth

Is still a very high grade pool table cloth, used for many events and tournaments and is a good fast hard wearing cloth to use on your American pool table. This is a cheaper way of creating a pro-like playing feel to your table.

For English Pool Table Cloths

Hainsworth smart snooker and pool table cloth is a best choice for many snooker and pool table fitter's and it's a good, fast, hard-wearing cloth and will last a long time.

The Hainsworth Elite-Pro Pool Table Cloth

With a large range of many colours to choose from, this cloth really does the trick, creating a nice, fast playing surface.

The Hainsworth Club Pool Table Cloth

Used for local pool halls, this has a thicker cloth feel, and is made to last but can also give a slower feel. A good cloth for the not so careful player.

Euro Speed Pool Table Cloth

A good quality pool table cloth with a range of colours to choose from.

Please note that we are not able to move tables or lift heavy slates, but we can get additional resources to help you with whatever job you need doing - only a call away!

For a good quality and reliable service, why
not give us a call on 07946 801 278

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