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Just One Frame By David Jenner

Just One Frame By David Jenner

  • Just One Frame... offers a practical insight into the game of snooker.

  • Presented in an attractive binder with pen.

  • Includes seven different sections from how to fine tune your technique to improving your matchplay approach.

  • Highlights the need to understand your faults and how to correct them with many detailed colour diagrams.

  • Use your Snooker Targets Card to record the results of the practice routines demonstrated in the book.

  • Increases your enjoyment of the game not only in playing, but also in watching.

  • Just One Frame... is your invaluable snooker manual.

  • Snooker manual packed full of tips and useful information

Price: £27.50
  • Unique, easy-to-use snooker manual designed to help you become a better player

  • Become your own snooker coach - this manual is your complete guide from learning to play to correcting your specific faults

  • Encourages you to look at the game in a different way. Aimed at snooker players who already know how to play and would like to develop their skills and play to their full potential

  • Helps you develop your cue skills enabling you to master cue ball control and pot more balls

  • As seen in in Cue Sports and Snooker Scene magazines

  • Price includes postage and packing
Del says "Practice makes perfect, helped with this easy-to-use snooker manual. It's doing me out of a job!"

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