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For that extra special gift for the dedicated snooker player, check out the Del Smith Designer Cue (£995.00).

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DVD: The Snooker Coach Volume 1 - All The Basics

A very easy to follow coaching guide by one of the world's best Grade A snooker coaches. Find ways to improve your game with many great tips, hints and practice routines.

Chapters include:
How To Pot, The Eyes, Cue Action, The Screw Shot, The Stun Shot, Top Spin Shot, Stance, Body Alignment, The Bridge Hand, Follow Through ... and much, much more!

More about this DVD:
"The Snooker Coach Volume 1 - All The Basics"


Price: £13.50

Fun-sized basketball game that fits to any door or wall.

These make a fun gift for small or big kids at home or in the office.

Includes basket and backboard, mini-basketball, clip for hanging over door and full instructions.


Featured Gift - Snooker/Pool Ball Pendant

These are a perfect gift for any male or female snooker/pool players!

A truly unique chance to acquire either 9 carat gold or sterling silver Triangle of Balls design, elegantly hallmarked at the bottom of the reverse side which is also blank to leave room for your own engraved message for a friend or a loved one.

Size 30mm high by 29mm wide.


Featured Gift - Snooker Manual

Just One Frame is a unique, easy-to-use snooker manual designed to help you become a better player.

Just One Frame encourages you to look at the game in a different way.

This manual is aimed at snooker players who already know how to play and would like to develop their skills and play to their full potential.

Just One Frame will help you develop your cue skills and enable you to master cue ball control therfore potting more balls!

More about Just One Frame

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Pool Ball Stress Ball

Pool Ball Stress Ball
Price: £3.75
  • Squeezable pool ball

  • For those stressed out moments

  • The perfect gift for those in need of anger management!!

Del says "This is what I use to de-stress myself when I miss those important shots!"

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A Funny Trick Pub Pool Table Cue Ball

A Funny Trick Pub Pool Table Cue BallA Funny Trick Pub Pool Table Cue Ball
A wiibbly wobbly fun trick your mates pool ball :) he he he !
Why not have a laugh and set your friends up with this funny wibbly wobbly trick pub sized pool table cue ball 1, 7/8th inch sized ball.
For loads of fun this white pool ball will wobble and roll off line around the table and make your friend think it’s there bad play? he he he :)
Best prank on a pool table money can buy.
Price: £7.95


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WBPSA Target Ball (Ref.B3342)

WBPSA Target Ball (Ref.B3342)

Genuine phenolic resin ball with 2 patterns fully embedded under a unique wear resistant layer. Endorsed by WPBSA.
Price: £19.50
  • 2-Sided 2 1/16" Training Cue Ball

  • 24 page instruction booklet

  • Improve your cue ball control and potting control

Del says "This practise ball is good for helping to learn the 5 potting angles as an object ball, and also to learn basic cue ball control. Two balls in one."


Billiards and Snooker Archive Videos

Billiards and Snooker Archive Videos For those who would liked to have seen the great Billiards players of yesteryear, here is a chance to do so by owning a video recording of films made by the masters in the 1920's, 30's & 40's.

Volume 1 - Featuring: Willie Smith, Tom Newman, Walter Lindrum, Thelma Carpenter, Joyce Gardner, Arthur Goundrill, Sidney Smith and Bob Marshall.

Volume 2 - Featuring: Walter Lindrum, Tom Newman, Willie Smith, Melbourne Inman, Tom Reece, Tom Webster, Horace Lindrum, Joe Davis, Fred Davis, Willie Hoppe, Charlie Petersen, Willie Mosconi plus newsreel footage.

Volume 3 - Featuring: Joe Davis: Joe reminisces in 1977 and recalls his life in billiards and snooker with the help of a great deal of archive footage. Plus, Horace Lindrum: Horace in his billiard room playing snooker plus finger spins, followed by an exhibition in New Zealand in 1967.

Volume 4 - Featuring: Walter Lindrum, Cecil Ewington, Kingsley Kennerley, Bob Marshall, Willie Hoppe, Willie Mosconi, Charlie Petersen, Norman Squires, Peter Mans, Horace Lindrum, Alex Higgins, George Chenier, Clark McConachy, Rex Williams, Ray Reardon, Eddie Charlton, Ralph Greenleaf plus newsreel footage.

Volume 5 - Featuring: Walter Lindrum: Walter gives an exhibition at the R.S.L. club rooms, Caulfield. This video was made in 1958 just two years before his death.

Volume 6 - Featuring: Horace Lindrum, Joe Davis, John Pulman, Geoffrey Benstead (the one handed player), Arthur Rubin, Joyce Gardner, Joe Earlam, Melbourne Inman, Herbert Beetham, Mendel Showman, Walter Lindrum, Clark McConachy, Harry Tate, Newman Mond, John Spencer, Alex Higgins plus newsreel footage.

Volume 7 - Featuring: Tom Newman, Walter Lindrum, Charles Peterson, Sidney Smith, Joe Davis, Alex Higgins, Fred Davis, Ray Reardon, George Sutton, Maurice Daly, Vera Seals, Nick Winter, Irwin Rudolph, Frank Taberski, Ralph Greenleaf, Jim Marino, Clark McConachy, Willie Mosconi plus newsreel footage.
Price: £17.50 each
  • Each video lasts about 1 hour

  • The majority have sound

  • Most of the films are in black and white

  • A must for enthusiast and historian alike

  • Videos are in PAL format

Del says "This is your chance to see those past masters at work."

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Subscription To 'Snooker Scene' Magazine

Subscription To 'Snooker Scene' Magazine

Price: various
  • 1 year subscription (12 issues)

  • The magazine which tells you what's REALLY going on

  • Snooker Scene - for 32 years the voice of the game


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Crazy/Trick Ball (P3427)

Crazy/Trick Ball (P3427)

Price: £8.95 each
  • Trick ball that is weighted so that it wobbles

  • 2 1/16" ball size


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Cue Retipping Kit

Cue Retipping Kit
Price: £8.50
  • BCE cue clamp

  • 1 tube of superglue

  • Craft knife kit with two cutting knives and 10 blades

  • Cue tip shaper

  • Mixed sandpaper bits

Del says "Keep your tips in in tiptop condition."

Our new and improved snooker/pool cue re-tipping kit has everything a player needs to put on a new cue tip. Put together by professional player and World Snooker Grade A coach Del Smith.


More Information about the Cue Re-Tipping Kit


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Pool Ball Keyrings

Pool Ball Keyrings
Price: £2.50 each
  • Keyrings with miniature pool balls on them

  • Ball number/colour will vary


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Cotten Cloth With Pool Ball Motif

Cotten Cloth With Pool Ball Motif
Price: £3.50 each
  • For use in the snooker hall or the kitchen


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