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The Snooker Coach Volume 1 - All The Basics by Snooker Coach Del Smith

Price: from £12.98

DVD front cover
  • DVD includes:

  • How To Pot

  • The Eyes

  • Cue Action

  • The Screw Shot

  • The Stun Shot

  • Top Spin Shot

  • Stance

  • Body Alignment

  • The Bridge Hand

  • Follow Through

  • ... and much, much more!

Improve your snooker with this easy to follow coaching DVD produced by professional player and qualified coach Del Smith.

This step by step guide to snooker is all you need to improve your game, covering all parts of the game including special techniques and tips.

Get your snooker coaching questions answered by me in CUE SPORT magazine. Or why not drop me an email and ask any coaching questions you might have.

“Received Del's Coaching DVD yesterday - excellent tuition and great tips on how to improve my game - can't wait to try Del's tips out on the table.

Steve, Poplar, London

“Hi Del, received your coaching DVD today and watched it last night, just a line to say what a excellent tutorial. Just what I was looking for, someone who actually explains potting and lining up the shot in a more technical way so every time I attempt a pot I have a drill to follow - thanks again!

PS Let me know when Volume 2 is available.”

Paul, Bradford, West Yorkshire

“Received your DVD this morning, the 5th of September. I have watched it about 1 1/2 times so far.”

Len, Australia

“I was wondering if you are making a follow up to your first coaching DVD, I thought it was excellent, very structured and easy to follow - it has helped me greatly.”

Mr Dyer, Wiltshire